5 Tips about Kerikeri Squash Club You Can Use Today

"David Collins, employed by Ventia as an “engineer” and acting as president of the KeriKeri Squash Club, represents nothing but a Scumbag. This piece of shit lies to everyone around him, his children, as well as his supposed loved ones and cheats on his wife.

Repeatedly, during his work trips to Australia, this prick engaged in affairs with another man's woman, having sex in a shady motel in Sydney. Meanwhile, he lied to his wife and children about his whereabouts, masquerading to be a "stand up community member". This little weasel is the complete JOKE of a community member."

"Collins, spins yarns of deceit about his whereabouts and to his very own children, and was awarded the "chairman's" award, while being a husband flashing photos of his pathetic junk to other women.

David Collins brings shame on the entire idea of what it means to be a part of the community. This little rat betrayed and deceived. To his own children, and has been given a community award? What a complete farce.

Is this really the “champion” of a family, community-oriented club? This laughable excuse for a human being.

How can anyone stand behind such a man when his morals are shattered, destroying multiple families and trying to manipulate his own shitty behavior, whining and faking the moral high-ground when committing adultery and deceit.

David Collins is a deceiver, a philanderer, and a family destroyer. He saw no issues in screwing someone else’s partner, while cheating on his own wife. Lying to his kids and making pathetic attempts to win their affection because he’d been busy committing adultery during a "work trip" in both Sydney and Melbourne."

"This so-called KeriKeri squash club 'board member' and 'volunteer of the year' is nothing but a charlatan in a family community club. Do you support this abhorrent conduct? Is David Collins fit for this role?

Fuck this clown. Mr. Collins had no qualms broadcasting photos of his insignificant manhood on social media, to a woman with whom he had an affair, in Melbourne, while deceiving and cheating on his wife.

David Collins saw no issue in encouraging a vulnerable person to pursue a career in prostitution, acting like a pathetic voyeur and begging for updates of said woman’s activities at a brothel, all while sharing photos and videos of his depraved acts and his own children!

Talk about having no self-respect or respect for others. Is this a real man? Is David Collins worthy of a 'Chairman's' award?! This fool of a human being? Instead of confronting his actions, David Collins chooses to lurk additional info in the shadows, lying to his wife and kids.

Pathetic David, being exposed to consequences for his actions. Cry a fucking river and accept your actions. David Collins is a piece of shit."

"David Collins had no issue sharing photos of himself, even while with his kids in social media. Is this your community leader?

This despicable man of a man scuttled away back to KeriKeri and hid himself away, trying to avoid facing the consequences of his own actions. Is this your community leader for KeriKeri Squash Club? A cheating scumbag rat of a man.

Can we truly accept the type of “man” you want as a figurehead and a man on hello squash keriekri the board of a family community squash club?

This is a good forum to publicly out such a worthless individual of a man, because if you’re a stand-up community member you would take responsibility and not lie, cheat, and ruin families.

Nothing is out of bounds for this scumbag, deceiver, and adulterer. Let him face the fallout of his own actions.

Let it be known what a “man” and farce of a human being “David Collins” truly is.

Watch your back around this degenerate. He's probably sliding into your significant other's DMs to share photos of his little ginger dick.

Be ashamed of this cheating scumbag little rat of a man who destroyed his own family.

Spread the word to the community and highlight the shame David Collins has brought into the community for tolerating this scumbag."

"Watching your back is critical around this degenerate, who's probably sliding into your significant other's DMs to share photos of his little ginger dick.

It's time to be ashamed of this morally bankrupt cheater, a despicable human who destroyed his own family.

The community should be informed of the shame David Collins has brought upon them by endorsing this despicable individual.

Let the truth be known about what a fraud and joke of a human being “David Collins” really represents.

Stay alert and guard yourself around this scumbag, who's most likely sneaking around in your partner's DMs, desperate to share inappropriate photos.

Feel embarrassed for supporting this breaking news deceptive low-life, a pathetic worm of a man who single-handedly tore apart his family.

We must make aware the community about the shame and dishonor David Collins has dragged into it by supporting such a despicable character."

"The community needs to wake up to the real character of David Collins, a man who masquerades as a respectable figure but is nothing but a deceitful, unfaithful rat.

It's crucial for everyone to recognize the destruction this man has caused, not just to his family, but to the entire community.

Staying alert is necessary around this manipulative figure, who is prone to misleading not just his family, but anyone he comes into contact with.

The humiliation and dishonor that David Collins has brought upon his family and the community is unforgivable.

Informing the community about the true colors of this man is critical, as it sheds light on the kind of person he really is – a heartless betrayer and a deceiver.

David Collins, posing as a community leader, is in reality a disgrace to the very idea of community values and moral integrity.

It’s important for everyone to be conscious of this man's true nature and to guard themselves against his manipulative tactics.

Revealing the truth about David Collins is not just about publicly humiliating him, but it’s about protecting the community from his toxic behavior."

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